The full program is now online!

IEEE EDOC 2017 is the twenty-first conference in a series that provides the key forum for researchers and practitioners in the field ofQuebec skyline enterprise computing. EDOC conferences address the full range of models, methodologies, and engineering technologies contributing to intra- and inter-enterprise application systems. Since 1997, EDOC has brought together leading computer scientists, IT decision makers, enterprise architects, solution designers, and practitioners to discuss enterprise computing challenges, models and solutions from the perspectives of academia, industry, and government. The EDOC conference series emphasizes a holistic view on enterprise applications engineering and management, fostering integrated approaches that address and relate business models, business processes, people and technology.

EDOC 2017 will take place in Québec City, Canada, from October 10th to October 13th, 2017. The host institution for EDOC 2017 is the Laboratoire d’informatique formelle (Formal Computer Science Laboratory) of Université du Québec à Chicoutimi, Canada.

Watch a teaser video of Québec City, and come back soon for more details!